About Us

Kotryna and Julija

About Friendship, Creativity, and Conversation Guide

Just as behind every project, there are people. Specifically, in the "Conversation Guide" project, it's the two of us - Kotryna and Julija. This isn't our first project together, but it's different - very personal. For a decade now, we've been experiencing each other's company through the twists and turns of relationships, the heights of new beginnings, the lessons of failures, and life adventures. This project is a great example of how various life experiences, combined with friendship, perseverance, and a desire to help not only ourselves but others, can turn into a creative result.

How did the idea arise?

Quite a few people struggle with expressing their needs, articulating their desires. Sometimes we simply don't know how, and other times we don't even understand what we truly want. Not to mention the common modesty in discussing uncomfortable topics... In order to meet the need and desire to find an easier way for couples to communicate, and drawing from personal experiences and needs, the idea arose to create Lithuanian game cards with questions that would help initiate an open dialogue.

Where did it all start?

The "Conversation Guide" project began with the communication game "I Want to Hear You," which we started developing together. Both of us are close to self-improvement and psychological literature, and having very different experiences and backgrounds, we were able to formulate, analyze, and evaluate questions from very different perspectives. It was crucial during the creation process that the questions encourage talking, help express feelings, desires, and needs, and playfully touch upon uncomfortable topics. Additionally, the goal was for the question cards for couples to be tactful, taking into account the country's cultural aspect, appropriate and suitable for both heterosexual and homosexual couples. Consultations with a doctor - a psychotherapist - helped to achieve this.